Show Cooking

The Show Cooking demos of Dutch Cuisine are a feast for the senses, presenting a concise, informative and especially tasty example of exactly what Dutch Cooking entails, and how the principles of Dutch Cuisine can be utilised to realise a wonderful and delicious meal. Dutch Cuisine ambassadors Luc Kusters, Albert Kooy, Angelique Schmeinck and Yuri Verbeek are just a few of the well-known names that can organise a tailored Dutch Cuisine Show Cooking demo. Visit to meet all of our ambassadors.

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Show cooking by Dutch Cuisine ambassador Angelique Schmeinck

A Show Cooking demo by Angelique Schmeinck is a real party for all involved. Angelique, who is known for 24Kitchen and her many cookery books, is a multi-talented individual. With her food paintings and stories, she’s an out-and-out culinary phenomenon. For the occasion of the state visit to Italy by King Willem-Alexander, Queen Maxima and an accompanying trade delegation, Angélique and Michelin Star chef Viviana Varese presented a themed Show Cooking demo on The Future of Food.

Show cooking by Dutch Cuisine ambassador Yuri Verbeek

Dutch Cuisine ambassador Yuri Verbeek is an entertainer pur sang, and can fascinate everyone until the very end through the delivery of his stories. In addition to being a chef and the owner of Yuri cooking studio the Kokkerie, he is the author of various cookery books and columns, and a guest lecturer at the Cas Spijkers Academie. A Show Cooking demo by this experienced culinary specialist is a delight for the taste buds, and very educational besides.