Book Tastes like Dutch

Tastes Like Dutch is an illustrated story filled with signature dishes by top chefs, within the context of our Dutch cultural and culinary heritage. This book reveals the extent to which our Dutch creativity has elevated crafts such as cheese making, pottery, and especially cooking, to a veritable art, culminating in this proud and inspirational book about the rich Dutch food culture.

The basis of our culinary history is characterised by the trade in food, a changeable climate, and a great diversity of products per region. Factor into that the craftsmanship of the producers, our drive to innovate, and the creativity of our chefs, and one can easily define this as a unique culinary history; unique with a twist. It’s where our ‘Dutch food culture’ begins. The book ’Tastes Like Dutch, an Impression of Dutch Culinary Culture’ illustrates this rich Dutch food culture, and shows that the current Dutch food culture is more than deserving of a reappraisal. The Netherlands has some fantastic dishes, traditions and products, and more star chefs per square kilometre than any other country in the world. It’s something we all have a right to be proud of.

In addition to the signature dishes by top chefs such as Jonnie Boer, Niven Kunz, Luc Kusters, Dick Middelweerd, Jef Schuur and Angélique Schmeinck, we also see the likes of Atelier NL, one of the key cultural representatives of our Dutch food culture. In this sense, the clay and glass tableware by Atelier NL and the Dutch Cuisine dishes together form a wonderful alliance, thereby collectively placing the emphasis on our Dutch creativity.

Tastes like Dutch is included in the Holland Toolkit, and is on sale at €29.95 via

‘Tastes like Dutch shows in a beautiful way that Dutch food culture is alive and kicking for centuries