Chef’s tables

‘To convert what you’re talking about into a tangible and visible form.’ That is what Dutch Cuisine realises through its chef’s tables. These appetising and informative tastings, whereby everything that Dutch Cuisine represents comes together on the plate, are organised for various events and at various locations – for example at Dutch Cuisine’s ‘flagship restaurant’ Bolenius, and in the restaurants of its other ambassadors. The chef’s tables are also present at international exhibitions and trade fairs.

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Dutch Cuisine at World Expo in Milan

The main theme of the World Expo in Milan (2015) was Food. Dutch Cuisine and the Municipality of Rotterdam organised an exclusive Dutch Cuisine dinner in the Greenhouse of the Holland Pavilion at the Expo, which was also where the announcement of the Green Deal took place. Dutch Cuisine was also present at the World Expo, during the Food Logistics seminar in the Museo Leonardo da Vinci, where it hosted a lunch

Dutch Cuisine 'Earth to table' events

The ‘Earth to Table’ dinners and exhibition that were launched during the Dutch Design Week in 2016, received the Best of DDWE2016 award. ‘Earth to Table’ is an homage to our Dutch soil and culture. During the ‘Earth to Table’ dinners, Dutch Cuisine chefs enable the regional taste of products from the Dutch soil to be experienced, and Dutch designers show that the same soil produces beautiful clay tableware and glassware. In this manner, the Dutch ‘terroir’ and the abundance it renders are brought together at the table. For more information see the video Earth to Table A Soil Soiree and Earth to Table A Tasting Dinner.