Culinary Routes

Through unique routes across the Netherlands, Dutch Cuisine restaurants, growers, landscapes and influencers are promoted to domestic and foreign tourists. It is a total ‘Memorable food culture experience’ that goes beyond just ‘food’ and portrays our rich food history, bringing it to life. Each season, chefs, museums, growers, cities and regions with unique (food) landscapes show something different to see, do, and taste: both in the landscape and upon the dinner plate.

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Dutch Cuisine (press) tours

Dutch Cuisine organises various (press) tours in conjunction with the Dutch Tourism Agency and conferences, and the Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (Netherlands Enterprise Agency). A Dutch Cuisine tour mostly entails an excursion – for instance to a food incubator, an urban farm, or a sustainable producer, presentations at location, and finishes with a chef’s table tasting at a Dutch Cuisine restaurant. After a Dutch Cuisine press tour, participants will have an accurate impression of the principles of Dutch Cuisine, and of the ambassadors and friends that put these principles into practise.