Dialogue sessions

Dutch Cuisine organises various insight-expanding dialogue sessions, whereby pressing issues surrounding the subject of food are key. These could feature subject matters such as No Waste, The Future of our Food or Healthy Eating for All. Those parties taking part include educational institutes, chefs, sustainable entrepreneurs, dieticians and local councils. By entering into a dialogue on these types of subject matters with experts that are involved in the food chain on various levels, networks can be created and current issues can be added to the agenda. Dutch Cuisine is also keen to engage with experts wishing to exchange ideas on a particular subject.

For more information on the dialogue sessions of Dutch Cuisine or a tailored dialogue session, contact info@dutch-cuisine.nl

The Future of our Food debate

In the dialogue session The Future of our Food, interesting arguments are addressed via a debate. These debates are held under the supervision of a Dutch Cuisine ambassador and may include opinion leaders.