Dutch Cuisine education module

Dutch Cuisine has developed the education module ‘Specialised Dutch Cuisine Chef’ level 4. The training course, which is based on the five principles of Dutch Cuisine, has been provided at the Koning Willem I College and at the ROC Friese Poort since September 2017. The curriculum at both ROC’s has been developed in conjunction with Dutch Cuisine ambassador Albert Kooy. Both ROC’s have previously been providing chef and catering industry courses at level 2 and 3, based on Dutch Cuisine. The students at the Dutch Cuisine training courses can add significant value for companies and institutions where cooking is taking place at a professional level, and there is an interest in the healthy and sustainable principles of Dutch Cuisine. At the present time for instance, there is a group of students working at a Friesian hospital to make the menu tastier, as well as future-proof.

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Dutch Cuisine & Koning Willem I College

At the Koning Willem I College in Den Bosch, the first level 4 Specialised Chef/Dutch Cuisine training course has been developed in conjunction with SVH Master Chef Albert Kooy, due to increased demand from businesses and students. “Through this unique training course, we are motivating students to contribute to the catering industry and kitchen of the future, and get them to think about current food issues, such as transparency, food security, sustainable production, health and consumption”, according to Twan Musters, educational supervisor of chef levels 2, 3 and 4 of the Koning Willem I College.

Dutch Cuisine & ROC Friese Poort

The ROC Friese Poort also provides a level 4 Specialised Chef/Dutch Cuisine training course. Gerard Voskuilen, internship business coordinator and work experience lecturer at the ROC Friese Poort: “This training course lends added value for our students, enabling them to broaden their application, and it also ties in with the need for chefs who operate in a different manner”. Both the Koning Willem I College and the ROC Friese Poort are already offering level 2 and level 3 chef training courses, based on Dutch Cuisine.