Dutch Cuisine newspaper

Dutch Cuisine issues a biennial newspaper packed with the latest projects, inspirations, trends and personal stories of the ambassadors. This newspaper will be available both in Dutch and English. For submission and publication dates, contact info@dutch-cuisine.nl. Earlier editions in English can be found below. Volumes 2 and 3 were solely realised in Dutch, and are not viewable in English.

Volume 5, April 2018

Download Volume 5, april 2018 (EN)

Volume 4, November 2017

Subjects include Dutch Cuisine restaurant recruitment launched, Match-making for sustainable Brabant farmers, Störrig Festival and Holland Toolkit.

Download Volume 4, november 2017 (EN)

Volume 1, April 2016

Subjects include Rotterdam at World Expo in Milan, Culinary Routes, Let’s Join the Table, Taste Lessons, Taintedly Tasty, Higher Margins and Vegging up the Menu.

Download Volume 1, april 2016 (EN)