Dutch Cuisine recipes

Our chefs have interpreted their professional recipes into tasty, affordable and seasonal recipes that you can easily prepare at home. This collection of Dutch Cuisine recipes reveals the journey of our culinary past, via the present, and towards our future. These Dutch Cuisine recipes help to reconstruct a renewed appreciation of our food culture. Each season, Dutch Cuisine will publish new recipes op its website. The first series is expected to be published by the end of 2017. A number of these recipes are also available as a recipe card.

Dutch Cuisine caterer manual

Dutch Cuisine is developing an online manual for local caterers abroad, which can be utilised at embassies and consulates. This manual contains recipes of Dutch Cuisine chefs at various cooking levels (from simple to gastronomic) whereby vegetables play a key role. The manual also describes the criteria of Dutch Cuisine and how these can be put into action, plus a list of local products and ingredients.