Presentations & Lectures

Dutch Cuisine organises presentations and talks for various clients, on a wide range of topics. The common denominator however is that they always feature an interesting, current and pressing theme in terms of nutrition, culture, health and sustainability – for instance about nutrition within healthcare, or about innovation within the food sector. Aside from the examples cited below, Dutch Cuisine is of course able to provide a tailored presentation or talk.

For more information about the talks and presentations of Dutch Cuisine, or a tailored talk, contact

Healthy eating at school

This is an inspiring talk about a food environment for children, because you’re never too young to learn, and so for instance we talk about whether our children know enough about healthy eating, and how it influences both your body and your life, and how we can make children resistant to commerce, and the enormous amount of sugar, salt and trans fats on offer. An informative talk, whereby products, packed lunches, recipes and suggestions are also addressed.

Cultural talks and press tours

The culture makers of Dutch Cuisine arrange talks on subject matters whereby food is placed in a different perspective. Examples include Food & Innovation, or Food & Architecture, and Food & Design. These talks are often combined with a (international) press tour. In this capacity, Dutch Cuisine works together with parties such as The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and the Dutch Tourism Agency (NBTC). More information on press tours

Taste & Taste trends

Dutch Cuisine holds talks on Taste & Taste Trends. These are informative and tasteful talks, wherein the complex world of taste is unravelled. Presentations that reveal just how taste, food and culture are closely connected, and that taste is definitely a matter for debate.

Examples of talks on Taste & Taste Trends include ‘The bitter truth – A reappraisal of the bitter taste’ or ‘Taste starts from the ground up – How the ground beneath us influences the taste of our food’.